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The first task in becoming more creative is giving yourself permission to do things creatively.

The second is overcoming your personal blocks to creativity. For some people, being creative involves trying not to be embarrassed by their own ideas; for others,
it is a matter of being aware that things can be done in many different ways.

Some people are self-aware or confident enough to
have fewer inhibitions and can just let their creative natures work.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your creativity:

Study books and attend courses on creative thinking techniques and put them into practice.

Keep a daily journal and record your thoughts, ideas, sketches, etc. as soon as you get them. Review your journal regularly and see what ideas can be developed.

Indulge in relaxation activities and sports to give the mind a rest and time for the subconscious to digest information.

Develop an interest in a variety of different things, preferably well away from your normal sphere of work. For example, read comic books or magazines you wouldn't normally get. This keeps the brain busy with new things. It is a common trait of creative people that they are interested in a wide variety of subjects.

Don't work too hard -you need time away from a problem to be creative after periods of intense focus.