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Some people believe that if they have a bulge of fat in one area they can exercise that one area and the fat will be reduced in that singular area. This is called “spot reducing” and spot-reducing is a myth.

For example, men who store fat in their stomach area from drinking beer can not reduce it by spending an hour on it doing sit-ups. Nor, can women spot reduce their saddlebags by spending hours doing only leg lift exercises.

All exercises can strengthen and tighten muscles in certain areas, but all muscles are underneath a layer of fat that gives it the appearance of cellulite or flab. Only losing that layer of fat by losing weight over the entire body can get rid of a problem area. Where you lose the weight depends on your inherited genes. Some women will always have larger hips or thighs than others even if they are as thin as they can get. Losing weight around the waist is easier than losing it at the hips. And while losing weight many people find that the fat comes off in places they wished it would have stayed; women and their chest for example! Weight usually peels off from the top down!

Your exercise program should include a variety of strength training, aerobics and diet. Creating strength and muscles in the upper body of women can draw the eye to the upper body and draw attention away from a problem hip area.

This article is in no way saying that you should stop doing exercises for one area of your body. What we all need to do in our exercise program is make sure we are hitting all areas of our bodies. Do not stop doing sit ups, just make sure that sit ups are not the only exercise you are doing. Diet, strength training and aerobics are the key to over all body shaping!