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As a professional house cleaner, I can tell you there is no job worse than scrubbing the shower and tub. Three simple things can save you from the drudgery of soap scum and sore knees forever.

The first step is to permanently eliminate soap scum from your home. To do this, you simply need to stop using soap. Seriously. Shower gels and body washes abound in every color, you'll find one to match your decor. These gels are the greatest invention of the day in my opinion. They don't melt in the bottom of the tub, they don't shoot out of your hands while you're trying to wash and best of all......they don't leave soap scum.

The second step is to get a good daily shower cleaner. These are the sprays you mist on to the shower walls and tub every time you use the shower. The best ones I've tried so far are Tilex and Dow, they are easy and fast to use and they prevent hard water stains as well. If your shower is already covered with hard water stains and soap scum, these products also claim to be able to eliminate it after a period of 6 weeks or more using the product.

Lastly, just wipe out the tub with an antibacterial cleaning wipe to take care of any germs and hair that may be in the bottom.

If you hate cleaning the shower as much as I do, these steps will bring you great relief and if you have someone clean for you? They'll be eternally grateful and have more time for things like the stove.