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You'll need to change the needle in your Singer sewing machine whenever you change the weight of the material being sewn or when you break the current needle by, for example, sewing over a basting pin. Your machine's user's manual provides a chart of the various fabric weights (light, medium, heavy, and knits) with the corresponding needle sizes required. Be sure to use the right size needle for the job.

To Change the Needle:

1. Turn the hand wheel on the side of your sewing machine until the needle is raised to its highest position.
2. Directly beside the needle and approximately even with its fully raised tip is the needle clamp screw. Turn this until it loosens but doesn't come off. (If it comes off, reinsert it and twist the screw just enough to hold it in place.)
3. Carefully pull the needle out of the clamp to remove it. Having the needle plate over the bobbin assembly open will give you a little more room to maneuver the needle.
4. Hold the new needle with the flat side toward the back of the machine.
5. Insert the new needle up into the needle clamp as far as it will go.
6. Turn the needle clamp screw until it's securely tightened.

You're ready to sew!