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Threading your Singer sewing machine is a little like following a treasure map. You must follow the winding path through specified hooks and guides in order to end up at the treasure site: a threaded needle ready to make your sewing a breeze.

To Thread the Machine

1. Turn the hand wheel on the side of your sewing machine until the take-up lever (a rounded hook that appears at the top of a long slot above your needle) is raised to its highest position.
2. Reach behind your machine and raise the presser foot lever.
3. Slide your spool of thread on the spool pin (a thin spike that fits firmly through the center of your thread spool). Slide the spool cap on the pin to keep the spool of thread in place.
4. Lead the thread from the spool to the snap-in thread guide at the top rear of your machine. Snap the thread into the guide.
5. Pull the thread toward thread guide at the top front of the machine. Pass the thread under the guide, through the hook, and down slot in your machine leading to the tension disc.
6. Pull the thread to the left under the tension disc until you feel the spring lift and the thread slip into the thread guard.
7. Guide the thread from right to left through the take-up lever at its highest position.
8. Pass the thread through the two remaining thread guides: small wire hooks directly below the take-up lever and just above the top of the needle.
9. Thread the needle from front to back. Pull several inches of thread through the needle to be sure it doesn't fall back out.