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You will need to know how to re-sew a seam in your carpet as you join pieces of carpeting. It is unlikely that one large piece of carpet will cover the entire floor unless you are working in a very small area. Re-sewing a seam is fairly easy; all you will need is a straight edge, sharp utility knife, hot-melt tape, an iron, and a row cutter. Just follow these steps and you will have a new seam in your carpet.

1. Lay carpet over old seam: take your new carpet and lay it over the old seam you want the new carpet to meet. Once you know what type of length you need, trim the carpet. You will want it to overlap about one inch, so you have a little room for error.

2. Trim carpet: to trim it, mark the back side with a chalk line, then cut it with a utility knife. Then, take the piece of carpet and re-lay it over the seam.

3. Trim seam: now you should have about an inch of new carpet lying on top of the old. You will want to take a straight edge and place it on top of the new carpet. Holding it down, take your row cutters and cut the carpet below. This should give you a tight seam where the carpet meets.

4. Tape seam: to join the seam, place hot-melt tape underneath the edges of the carpet. Then take a head-bond iron and press the carpet onto the tape. This will melt the back of the carpet onto the tape so it will stick. Make sure you do not get above 250 degrees; high temperatures could mark your carpet.

5. Weigh down: Take something fairly heavy and place it on the seam. You will want to leave it on the area for about an hour or so to make sure the seam is sealed.
6.. Remove weight - after an hour or so, remove the weight. Check the seam, you should have a tight seam. Someone who did not know where the seam was, should not be able to tell there is a seam at all.