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So you think this Scorpio Man is your soulmate and you want to capture his heart. Have you known him for at least three months, a chance for you to see his temper, his jealousy, his possessiveness? You have? Well then brave girlfriend read on . . .

Scorpio think they are most sex-minded, intense, determined men of the zodiac, and it's all true. Once he sets his mind out to accomplish something he does not rest until ever detail has been nailed down. If this includes romancing you - don't be available too easily. They need to be needed, so have some drama in your life that he can help
rescue you from.

As soon as he sees he has gotten your attention he will start to build a fence of loyalty around you. Remember in the past how you would tease other boyfriends about friends who adore you? Don't make that mistake with this one!

Take time to choose your clothes. Wear black lace, bold colors, take risks, express the wild woman deep inside of you. Also invest is some of those temporary tatoos and put them at the top of your clevage so when you wear a low neck dress he can see it.

Kissing is an area he will excel in; dole out your kisses sparingly. When he is ready to beg you to put his arms around you, and build his life around you . . . Voila you have captured his heart.