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A sand candle is a great way to bring home the beach. Everytime you use it, vacation memories will come alive.

To make a sand candle, you only need a few supplies, and most of them are free on the beach! Fill a dishpan or other deep container with sand, either from the beach or purchased from your local garden center. You will also need small seashells, sea glass, or anything else you would like to put in the candle. These, too, can be purchased at your local craft store along with the candle wax and wicks.

Additionally, you will need a coffee can to melt the wax. Place the wax into the coffee can and place the coffee can into a pan filled with water. Put the pan on the stove and heat until the wax is melted. While it is melting, make a hole in the sand the size you'd like the candle to be. Take the seashells, sea glass, etc. and push gently into the sides of the sand. Next, put the wick into the sand being sure to push the wick all the way down into the sand so it will go through the bottom, which will when finished will be the top of the candle. Pour the melted wax immediately into the hole in the sand and wait for it to harden. When hardened, grasp the candle and wiggle it out of the sand. Now, you should have a completed sand candle with seashells etc.

You can make several candles at once if you use a dishpan large enough. Be creative, you can use just about anything in your candles. Just be sure they are not flammable.

You can use it as decoration or actually burn the candle. If you're going to use the candle, be sure to place a dish under the candle as it burns to protect your table. Also, as it burns down, the seashells will fall out.
Sand candles make great gifts!