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When a plumbing pipe leaks, you need to take action. Even a minor leak should cause concern. It will turn into a large leak over time. When you first notice the leak, cut the water supply, then try to mend the leak. If you are dealing with a large problem, you might need to replace the pipe.

Before you make a repair, make sure you shut off the water. There are four areas you might need to shut off the water, the toilet, the sink, the dishwasher, or the whole house. If the leak is large, you probably need to shut off the water to the entire home. To do that, you need to go outside to your main meter. A label should identify the valve. Turn it clockwise and water to your whole house will turn off.

If the leak is small, you can use sealant to fill the hole. Plumbers use two-part epoxy. This can be bought at a repair store. Just mix it up according to the directions on the package, place the epoxy on the leak, and let it dry. When it is dry, you can turn the water back on in that area, or in the whole house.

For a larger leak, take a rubber hose or rubber sleeve and place it on the leak. Then, take a hose, or pipe clamp, and clamp it to the area. Tighten the clamp, and turn on your water. If the pipe continues to leak, you need to replace the pipe.

Cut through the damaged pipe with a hacksaw. Then, unscrew the remaining sections. You need to be able to see rings on both sides of the pipe. Replace the old pipe with two nipples. These are 2 smaller pieces of pipe; you need to find two the length of your old pipe. Take one nipple and screw it into the fitting, and tighten it with a wrench. Slide a nut over the nipple, and screw the hubbed nut onto the nipple. Now screw that hubbed nut onto the second nipple; and screw the nipple into the other side of the fitting. Butt the faces of the threaded and hubbed nuts. These should meet in the center of the nipple piping. Tighten with two wrenches, and you are done.