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Shovels, rakes and hoes go through a lot. They see stiff dirt that needs to be moved. They have nature and man to contend with. It’s no surprise that sometimes these lawn tools break. But if you take proper care of them, they can last a lifetime. Here are some tips on how to fix a broken shovel, rake or hoe and make it last a long time.

• The handle splits in two pieces. Use glue and clamps to put it back together. Use yellow glue. After it is glued back into place, use short wood screws to make sure the split is one piece again.
• The handle breaks off. If your handle breaks off, get a new handle made out of hard wood like hickory, ash, or oak.
• When you’re installing the handle on the end of the tool, sand off the edge with a power drill and a grinding wheel attachment. Put a long wood screw in the end of the stubbed end and drill a hole in the new handle, so you can screw the other end on the screw.
• Glue the handle onto the stub and hold it in place while it dries. When it’s completely dry, the handle should fit completely on the remainder of the tool as if it were new. You want to provide extra security to the handle by drilling other screws into the shovel, rake or hoe at slight angles near the spot where it broke.

How to make your lawn tool last a lifetime
• Keep the shovel, rake, or hoe clean and sharp. If you keep unnecessary dirt and debris from forming on it, it will last a long time. If you keep dirt from accumulating under the cracks and crevices, it should be good to go.
• Coat the head of the shovel, rake, or hoe regularly with oil to keep it from rusting. If you can keep the head from rusting, you’ll be encouraging it to last a long time.
• Coat an unfinished handle with turpentine and oil. This will protect the handle. Be sure to rub the mixture into the wood, so it completely dissolves.