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Repairing your rug is easy if you have kept samples of your carpet. While it might not be fun to store, keeping cuts of carpet is crucial. While some colors and styles of carpet will always be sold, it could be hard to find others. You do not have to save a large amount of your carpet, but some medium sizes would be nice. You can always cut the carpet into small squares for little repair jobs. Then, if you find a damaged area, it will be easy to repair your rug. Follow these easy steps:

1. Cut damaged area: Take a straight edge and place it along the damaged area of the carpet. Using a sharp utility knive, cut out the damaged area. Always cut a square area, so it is easy to replace. Remove the carpet, and set it aside.

2. Place tape: take double-sided carpet tape and cut strips to fit into the hole left behind. Apply this as sparingly as possible around the edges so the carpets will be the same height. You can also put some adhesive in the middle of the tape if you like. This is just an extra precaution if you have standard carpet. It is necessary if you have cushion-backed carpet.

3. Cut new carpet: Take the old piece of carpet and set it over the new. Take a straight edge and cut a new piece of carpet around the old. Take the new piece of carpet and place it in the empty hole.

4. Weight new carpet: Take something fairly heavy and place it on the new piece of carpet. You want to weigh the new carpet down, so it sticks to the adhesive and doesn't stand higher than your other carpet. Let it set for a couple hours, and you have a new patched carpet.