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Whether you are using a garden hose to fill up a watering can for your garden, to water bushes in front of your house or are attaching it to a sprinkler system in your yard to either water or it or have the kids play in it, you need to maintain it. If there is a leak in the hose, you not only will have problems with the pressure of the water, you will also be wasting gallons of water unnecessarily.

How to Store Hoses Properly

1. During the winter months or time when a hose is not used, do not leave it outdoors. Remember to store it indoors and make sure it is dry. This will prevent freezing or cracking. When not in use, disconnect it from any sprinkler system. Store sprinklers and any added on devices separately.

How to Repair a Garden Hose

1. Remove damaged are of hose by making a perpendicular cut with utility knife.

2. Buy a hose coupling to match the diameter of the hose.

3. Soften ends of cut hose by putting them in hot water for about a minute. If they are not soft enough, keep them immersed in hot water for longer.

Insert coupling into hose ends until completely sealed. If shank of coupling is hard to insert, lubricate inside of hose with soap.

5. Line up clamps over hose and coupling. Tighten screws until the entire hose is secure. Run water through it to make sure it doesn't leak. If it does leak, tighten the whole fixture. If it still is leaking, start the process over again.

With your hose working properly again, you are ready to water whatever you need to. Be careful to always turn off your water completely when done using the hose. Now it's back to work or back to letting the kids play!