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Many of us buy just the number of glasses we need to set a table, so it is not pleasant when one of the glasses chips. However, with all the wear and tear we do on dishes, it is likely one will chip. You have a couple choices when it comes to repair.

However, if you have glasses with a insulating seal, you might not be able to fix it. If the insulating is broken, you might have to buy a new glass. It won't be possible to repair it and still have the insulating quality, because the glass is no longer hermetically sealed.

If you have a traditional glass, try to find the piece of glass that chipped off. If you have it, you can try to cement it on. Apply a thin layer of cellulose cement to the rim and the broken chip. Press these together for about 6 hours. Since it's unlikely you will have 6 hours to spare, place it on its side against a wall. This should hold it in place.

If you are working with a glass that wets a lot, try a different type of glue, called epoxy. This glue is less susceptible to the humidity.

If you cannot find the chip, your only choice is to polish the rim. Silicon carbide cloth will smooth the edge. You can buy it at most hardware stores. Just keep the edges of the glass wet while you are working, and glide the cloth over the rim. Obviously there will be a slight imperfection in this glass, but at least it won't be dangerous for your children or guests to handle. If the chip is too deep, it's probably best to throw it away, and buy a new one.