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A leak may not seem like a serious problem for your faucet, and technically it is not. It is, however, a problem for all the woodwork or equipment you keep under your sink.

That extra dripping of the faucet will create a huge mess under the sink. You will want to fix the problem as soon as you notice it leaking.

There are two main areas where a faucet will leak: in the U-shape or by the strainer. It might be hard to tell where the leak is coming from, but if you hold a towel up to either area, you should feel the water seep through. This is the place you want to fix.

1. Fixing the U-shape

To fix the leak in the U-shape, try tightening the nuts that hold the trap in place. Take pliers or a wrench and tighten the nuts. If this doesn't work, the washers may need replacing.

To replace them, you will need to remove the trap. To remove the trap, use a wrench and unscrew the slip nuts. Then, take off the old washers and replace them with new ones. Then screw the slip nuts back on with the wrench. If this doesn't work, you might have a leak by the strainer.

2. Fixing the strainer

The strainer is the attachment right below the sink. The strainer is a little tricky to remove. You will need to loosen the locknut under the sink with a wrench. This might move the strainer as well. If so, put a pair of pliers in the sink to keep the strainer from moving. Once the locknut is far enough away, remove the strainer.

If it looks damaged, replace it. Then, put it back in the sink. If the leak persists, you might need to apply some putty around the outside of the strainer underneath the sink.