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Electric chainsaws may seem intimidating to some. But in reality, they are nothing to be afraid of when they’re not working properly. Here are some ways you can fix your electric chainsaw problems.

• Your engine won’t start at all. You may have a bad on-off switch. Check out the switch thoroughly and replace it, if necessary. You may have an incorrect mixture of fuel. You want to check the guide book that came with your chainsaw to make sure you are mixing the fuel correctly. If you aren’t, you need to empty the gas tank and start with a fresh tank of correctly mixed fuel.
• Your chainsaw stalls when your engine idles. You need to make sure your choke is properly set. Adjust it by releasing it, moving the plate and then tightening the screws again. Another possible problem might be that your carburetor needs to be adjusted. You can reset the idle mix screw by consulting your owner’s manual.
• Your chain stops while you’re cutting. You likely have a bad clutch. The clutch might be slipping and needs to be repaired. The other possible problem is that you have the brake engaged while you’re cutting. Simply release the brake.
• Your chain cuts at an improper angle. You need to look at the cutters on the chain. Chances are that they are dull or broken. If this is the case, you should sharpen the cutters. Also look at the guide bar. It could be bent or worn. If so, you should replace it.
• The saw runs, then stalls, or loses power while it runs. Chances are you have old fuel in your engine, or you have improperly mixed your fuel. The other possibilities are that your air filter is dirty, that your engine is overheating, or that your vents or muffler is blocked. Check all these areas and make the proper changes.
• The chain on your saw continues to turn even when your engine is idle. Your clutch is likely bad. Check out the clutch and fix it, if needed. Also you might have your idle set too high.