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Wine can be one of the most popular stains, and one of the most difficult stains to get out of clothes and fabrics. Many old wives’ tales suggest mixing salt, white wine and vinegar for a guaranteed stain removal for red wine. Many just make the problem worse. If you do decide to make a concoction up yourself, test a small area first. Remember that once you have tried a recipe like the above if it does make it worse, the stain is unlikely to ever come out.

The best advice when getting rid of a wine stain is to treat it as soon as you can. On no circumstances allow the stain to dry – this will ensure a professional and expensive cleaning bill.


Sponge dry with sparkling water and blot dry. Treat with a good carpet shampoo. Do not scrub the stain, this will only make it imbed deeper into the pile. Rinse well. If possible leave to dry naturally. Some carpet stain removers instruct you to vacuum the area soon after. It is always best to leave the carpet to dry, so try to avoid buying a remover which instructs this. Open all the windows in the room and let it air nicely.


Sponge fresh stains with white wine or sparkling water. Then follow with normal laundering. Treat dried stains with a reputable stain removal such as Stain Devil’s Fruit and Wine Stain Remover or a hydrogen peroxide solution (one part 20-vol peroxide to six parts cold water). Follow by washing as normal.


Sponge dry the area with warm water and blot well. Treat with an upholstery shampoo. Do buy a stain remover which specializes in upholstery, do not use one for carpets or clothes.