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Isn't it amazing how quickly and unconsciously you can pick up a stain? A drop of blood, grease or even that dab of alcohol which has left and ugly yellowish brown spot on your favorite white shirt. What is even more amazing is that many people do not know that they can remove many of these stains right at home. So before you go running off to the dry cleaners or toss a favorite item of clothing give the simple remedies below a try.
You will find most items you need to effectively clean your laundry items right in your own kitchen. According to hospital workers, the best way to remove blood is to soak it in hydrogen peroxide. Many times if the blood is fresh and you can get to the stain right away, flushing it with cold water until the stain lightens and then adding a drop of dish liquid will work. Chewing gum will usually yield to white vinegar but you can also put the item in the freezer until the gum becomes brittle and then chip it off. Soaking an alcohol stain in water and glycerine will soften the stain and make it easier to remove. Once the item has soaked for about 20 minutes rinse in cold water and white vinegar.
Perspiration stains can be lessened by soaking the garment in a strong solution of one cup water to one cup white vinegar. Lipstick can be lightly smeared with vaseline and then add a few drops of liquid soap, working it in well, before you rinse. Red wine stains, if rinsed immediately with cold water will usually disappear. Rust stains can be removed by applying lemon juice to the garment before you launder. Ink stains will yield to a liberal dose of hair spray and then a good cold water rinse. Shoe polish stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol while most grease stains respond well to warm club soda. Wax can be removed from garments or furniture by placing newspaper over the dried wax and applying a warm iron to the paper. Do this repeatedly until the paper has absorbed all the wax.
If you have ever miscalculated the temperature of your iron and left an ugly scorch mark on a garment, do not despair. Soak a cotton rag in hydrogen peroxide and gently rub the stain away. Bleach spots are tough to repair but if you simply cannot part with the stained item you might give this a try. Buy a liquid dye that matches the color of the garment, then rinse the bleach spot in cold water to neutralize the bleach. Dry the garment and then using a cotton swab, dab the liquid dye onto the bleach spot. Let this dry and then rinse with cold water to set the dye. Regular white chalk helps get rid of ring around the collar by heavily chalking the stain and then applying a liquid soap to cut the body oils.
It is always wise to take care when removing a stain from delicate fabrics of any kind. On colored fabrics be sure to test the removal method on a hem or inside seam before proceeding.