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Reading has always been something dread by people of all ages. We all know how to read, but we don’t all know how to read fast. It is a learned technique and is quite hard to master. If you put time and practice in to learning how to read again you will soon be able to read faster than ever. One of the fastest readers in the American society was John F. Kennedy and this could be related to the speed in which he presented his speeches. He delivered his speeches faster than most can even try to talk.
In order to read fast you have to teach yourself not to actually read the words. If you catch yourself actually mouthing the words as you go along this is the main reason for slow readers. You cannot mouth the words, because this means you can only read as fast as you talk. You definitely want to read faster than you speak.
When you read you should try to look in the middle of the paragraph and use your peripheral vision to read the words. Point using your index finger and slide it zigzag down the page. Try not to read across the line. Try to read either straight down the page, or diagonally down the page.
You can practice doing this by trying to see words using your peripheral vision. At first you will find yourself not seeing any of the words but as you keep going with these exercises you will soon read faster than you have ever read before.
Take some reading material and read it as fast as you can for a minute. When reading at this pace you do not have to understand a single word of what you are reading. Then start over for another minute and try to get to a further point that you did the last. Repeat this step over and over trying to beat the place where you got to last. Eventually time yourself for a minute and read for comprehension and you will see how fast you can really read.
Another key to reading at a much faster rate is learning not to mouth the words while trying to read to yourself. It is important to develop the habit of seeing the words but not reading them to yourself. The rate in which you speak is a lot slower than the rate in which you are capable of reading. Try to see the words instead of mouthing each individual word.
Breathing is also a good way to improve your rate in which you read. Try to take solid deep breaths instead of short quick breaths. This will allow you to calm down and try to read with more concentration.
This should make it a lot more fun to read and a lot easier to get those reading assignments done and over with. Remember when you are practicing to read fast you do not have to worry about comprehension. The comprehension will eventually come, but first you should learn to read faster.