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Most people get nervous before a job interview. After all, most likely you are interviewing for a job you really want and want to make the best possible impression. There are several ways to prepare for a job interview that will help to increase your chances of getting the job.

Whenever possible, you should research the company with whom you are interviewing. To be aware of a company's background, mission statement, earnings, etc. shows that you did your homework. It shows the interviewer that you cared enough to do the research and also shows that you are proative.

You can do research in a few ways. The most useful is the Internet. Often times, you can go right to a company website and get all the pertinant information. The library is also a good source. You can research recent articles in business publications pertaining to the company you are interested in. Another way to get information is to actually call the company and request an annual report.

When you go on a job interview it is important to dress appropriately. Most times, both men and women should wear a suit. This is true, even if you wouldn't necessarily be dressing in a suit working in the position you are interviewing for. The only time is is appropriate to not wear a suit is if you are interviewing for a creative position. Creatives are known and usually appreciated for their individual sense of style.

Hair and nails should be well groomed and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. For women, makeup should be subtle and not flashy. If you wear cologne or perfume, use it sparingly. People should not smell you before they see you.

Properly preparing for an interview means having an idea of what your answers to some common questions might be. You should be able to explain why you want the job and why you would be a good candidate for the job. You should be able to detail your strengths and experience and how they could be applied to the position.

You should be able to explain your short and long terms goals...where you want to be in 1, 5, 10 years, career wise.

At the end of an interview, you will most likely be asked if you have any questions. You should always have a couple of questions. It shows that you can think on your feet and that you are being an active participant in the interview, instead of just answering questions. You can ask a general question about the company or the department you would be working in. You can ask how the position became available or why the last person left. If you are a good listener, you will be able to pick up something during the interview that you can follow up on at this point.

After your interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer. Keep it short and professional. Thank them for their time and consideration. Often times a thank you note will help you to stand out above the other candidates.

Good luck and good job hunting!