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How to be a good pen-pal

We all enjoy receiving and sending letters to our friends and family and love keeping up the tradition of being a pen-pal. Most pen-pals have been writing to each other for many years and continue to do so.

So how can you be a good pen-pal?

„h Make sure that you open each letter as you receive it and read it carefully.

„h Put the letter somewhere safe (like on your desk so that you don¡¦t forget to reply).

„h Reply as soon as possible ¡V try to write back within the week.

„h It isn¡¦t worth writing every other day, unless you are very busy and have a lots of things to say as you¡¦ll soon run out of things to write. Once every couple of weeks or once a month is about average.

„h Don¡¦t just write about the weather. What¡¦s going on in your town? Perhaps you could send them a local newspaper. Write about your grandchildren your work, how you feel, what you¡¦d like to do in your life and upcoming occasions.

„h Make sure you write your address somewhere on the letter, just in case the received loses your address.

„h Try not to type your letter, it looks so much nicer when a letter is handwritten.

„h Make sure you keep your pen-pal informed about moving house.

„h Make a point of arranging a get-together at least once a year. Make it easily accessible and something you¡¦ll both enjoy.

„h Answer any questions asked in the previous letter.

„h Have the last letter close by when replying to give you something to refer to.

„h Keep all your old letters as a keepsake.

„h Write the date on all the letters that you send.