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Are you worried about someone reading your personal emails, or accessing your important files? Having a good password is very important for keeping people out of your private files. Hackers can quite easily guess your password if it is not chosen carefully, and if a hacker does crack your password can cause allot of damage. Here are some tips to help you choose a good password, and keep it secure from hackers.

Always use a combination of characters, numbers and, if possible, symbols. Alternate the capitalization, interchanging upper case with lower case. The more obscure the password is and the harder it is to remember the harder it is for the hacker to crack.

Don't use words that can be found in dictionaries of any language. Hackers have enormous dictionary files on hand that can match passwords made up of foreign words or phrases.

Don't use proper names, names of spouses or friends, movies, cars or anything personal to you, words like that are often easy to guess and with the dictionary files that hackers use will be cracked very easily.

Don't use words spelled backwards. Hackers have programs that flip words back and forth.

Don't use the same password for different computer programs. If any one of the systems is breached, all of them may become compromised as a result of a universal password because the first thing a hacker will do is try the same password on different programs.

Never give out your password to strangers. Some hackers may pose as in-house computer technicians to secure access to the system, or you may receive emails from someone posing to be working for the site or company you have an account with and ask for your password.

Try to change your passwords periodically, that means if someone already has your password they will lose the access to the files once you change it.