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Oakley sunglasses are popular around the world. People wear Ray Ban, Nike and Police sunglasses, but the popularity of Oakley’s is striking. Movie stars and athletes dawn the popular shades.
This popularity has led to the making of fake Oakley sunglasses. The fake glasses are being sold around the world from the Caribbean to the streets of New York. The prices on the fake are one-tenth the price of the real product- making them very enticing for poor buyers.
The lense quality on real Oakley’s is exceptional. Fake Oakley’s use very cheap lenses and are comparable to the lenses of a pair of glasses that one could buy at a gas station. Real Oakley’s make the world seem clearer when put on. Very few pairs of Oakley’s are tinted, unlike the copies, which tint a lot of their lenses. The lense quality is a dead give away when one buys Oakley sunglasses
The second thing that one should look at is where the product is made. If there is a sticker that says made in Taiwan, these are not real oak leys. On the inner part of the frame, it should state that the glasses are made in the United States of America.
The quality of the frames is different in the fakes and real Oak leys. On the e-wire frames, the Oakley sunglasses have two screws holding them together, while the fake glasses have one screw holding them together. Less screws means less support and leads to the fake Oakley’s breaking quicker. On the eyejackets the frames should not be too stiff. The real Oakley’s have a tendency to bend not break while the fake Oakley’s have a tendency to be brittle and break.
Finally on the eyejackets and M-frames look at the Oakley label itself. If the label looks like it going to scrape off it probably will. Real Oakley’s are made so that it will take lots of wear and tear before the label brushes off.
Fake Oakley’s are being sold illegally throughout the world. Take these precautions before you get burned.