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If a chain is worn it can cause many problems. It can jump out of gear or it could even break in use. If you keep your chain clean, dry and lubricated you shouldn’t have many problems. But if it is not properly maintained or if it is just worn out by lots of use, you may need to replace it. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to head out on your bike quickly.

What type of chain do you need?

One and three speed bikes require a 1/8 inch wide chain. Bikes with derailleurs require a 3/32 inch wide chain. When replacing a chain, you may consider installing a new freewheel and chain rings as well. Ask at the bike shop or the store where you’re buying the parts, to make sure all the parts will work together.

1. Remove old chain. Loosen old chain but shifting it into the smallest freewheel cog and smallest chain ring. Break the chain with a chain tool.

2. Thread in new chain. Start at rear derailleur by feeding it clockwise under and around lower roller, then counterclockwise up and around upper roller. Finally continue clockwise onto the freewheel.

3. Set new chain on smallest freewheel cog and largest chain ring. Hodlign chain together by hand, check it’s length. Use chain tool to add or take off links as needed for proper fit.

4. Join the chain. Bring the ends together, lining up the link that has the potruding rivet with its make on the other end of the chain.

5. Use the chain tool to drive the rivet through the link plates. The rivet tip should protrude as far as the tips on the adjacent links.

6. Loosen up the newly jointed links by flexing it with your fingers. You also may lubricate the chain. That along with riding the bike should loosen the link to the correct level.

With these steps in mind, you should be able to replace the chain and get back on the bike. Ride safely.