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Effective presentation and communications need graphic, sound and multimedia effects to impress your audience and keep their attention! If you’ve ever sat through a boring lecture without the use of visual aids, you know that the speaker has lost his audience in the first five minutes!

Visual aids such as PowerPoint or Corel Presentations jazz up a talk or demonstration and add glitter to important substance. If you own a recent version of one of the popular office software suites, you already have the basics. These tools may provide all the punch you need, but why stop there!

Additional resources to enhance your demonstration include such add-ons as Astound, Digital Juice, Power Plugs and Digital Artware. When using these creative tools, please remember the following.

1. Don’t overuse multimedia effects! Too much sound, animation or video can look cutesy and unprofessional. Use animation to highlight key points only. Use the video to show the logic and path of your processes.
2. Choose the right chart. Bar charts are used to compare things you can quantify. Line charts represent changes over time, and pie charts show parts of the whole.
3. Format text to increase readability. Don’t clutter your slides! Keep bullet points short, and no more than six words per item!
4. Emphasize Key Points. Use contrasting colors to make key textual items stand out.

Using a well-balanced array of graphics and animation along with your pertinent data is the key to delivering successful presentations.