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If you have trouble remembering other people's names, you're hurting yourself a lot more than you may realize. People love to hear their names used. An easy way to hold someone else's attention is to use his or her name frequently.

When you forget a person's name, it is among the worst insults you can make. For his or her, the message is " I don't care enough about you" or "You're not important enough for me".

If you ever been in that sort of situation, I guarantee it will never happen again if you apply these steps:

Make a conscious decision that from now on you will learn and remember the name of every person to whom you are introduced. Remind yourself of this decision daily, and each time you are about to be introduced to someone.

When you are introduced to someone, make sure you get the name correctly. Ask for it to be repeated if you don't. If necessary, ask him or her to spell out the name.

Use the name throughout the conversation.

Associate the name with a physical characteristic, personal trait or some other peculiarity that will remind you of that person. It needs practice. But while you practice to use it from time to time, it will become automatic. The key to use this technique is visualization. You need to visualize the person in your mind while making the association.

Make a written note of each person you have met to firm it up in your mind. You can make the association technique while you write this note, or while you review it.