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When treating any stain it is wise to test an area with your chosen method. This will prevent your both wasting your time and ensuring that no adverse reactions occur.

When removing mildew from upholstery, follow these easy steps for a fast remedy:

1. Brush away the spores and spray with a proprietary fungicide to kill the bacteria.
2. Dab a little of the mixture neat onto stubborn stains and prepare to be patient and persistent as it may take a little scrubbing to get the stain from the furniture.
3. It is best to start off with a diluted solution and then gradually lessen the amount of water until the stains have been removed.

Plastic Shower Curtains

Soak the curtain in a solution of bleach (one part bleach to four parts water) and rinse thoroughly by hand, or if possible wash in a washing machine to prevent the material becoming damaged. This will not prevent mould from growing again and so treatment should be applied afterwards. There are many mould killer sprays on the market and most are available form your local supermarket. These need to be sprayed onto he curtain regularly to keep bacteria and mould growth at bay.


Wash all mould stained walls with a mild detergent solution (see above for the recipe) and then follow with a wipe of mould killer spray or inhibitor as above.


Fresh mildew should be removed by normal washing. For old stains on white clothing, try soaking in a solution of bleach. Treat white and colourfast fabrics (except acetates0 with Stain Devils Mould and Ink Stain Remover (available in good household ware shops). Rinse the garments thoroughly (wash again if desired) and dry naturally.