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Dreamcatchers have been crafted by Native Americans for many years.

The dreamcatcher should be hung over the head of the bed each night. Both good and bad dreams fill the night air. The good dreams know their way and slip through the outer holes of the dreamcatcher to slide softly down the feathers to the dreamer. The bad dreams get tangled in the web and are destroyed by the first light of dawn.

Materials for the Dreamcatcher:

Measurements are for a 4-inch hoop dreamcatcher.

1. One closed hoop or ring (Smaller sizes are easiest to handle.)

2. Suede leather lace or leather pieces (about 6 to 7 feet of lace)

3. Cord, thread, or synthetic sinew for the webbing (about 3 to 3 + yards)

4. Assorted beads and feathers

5. Glue (Hot glue or super glue work well.)

6. Scissors

Directions for the Dreamcatcher:

1. Wrap the hoop or ring with the lace or leather pieces. It should be totally covered. Tie or glue the ends securely.

2. Tie the cord or sinew to the hoop, leaving one end about 3 to 4 inches long. The web will be created with the long end.

3. Thread the cord through the hoop and back up through itself, forming a loop knot (also called a half-hitch).

4. Form loop knots all around the hoop. There should be 8 to 12 evenly-spaced knots.

5. Make the space between the first and last knot about half the size of the other spaces. This prevents a big gap from being made in the web.

6. Continue to make the loop knots, pulling the cord through the middles of the previous cord sections.

7. Continue to go around the hoop making the knots.

8. Little diamond shapes will begin to form. This is the web.

9. The web pattern will get smaller and smaller as you work toward the center.

10. When the center hole is the desired size (1/4" for a 4-inch hoop), tie the cord to itself with a square knot.

11. Put a drop of glue on the knot and when it is dry, cut off the extra cord.

12. Fold three 10-inch lengths of cord in half.

13. Push the middle part of each length through the hoop and bring the ends through the looped middles. Pull each length snug. These pieces should be evenly spaced across the bottom of the hoop.

14. Thread three or more beads onto each of the six ends.

15. Tie a knot in each end to keep the beads from slipping off the ends.

16. Fold a 12- to 14-inch length of cord in half.

17. Push the middle of this piece through the top part of the hoop, pulling the ends through it and pulling tight. This is the hanger for the dreamcatcher.

18. Tie the ends of this piece together.

19. Stick feathers into the bottoms of the lowest beads, so the feathers hang downward.

20. Secure all feathers and knots with a drop of glue.

If desired, beads can be strung on the cord as the web is made. Extra feathers and small charms can also be added to the hoop or web.

The dreamcatcher is now ready to be hung over the bed!