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Kite flying was first documented in the South Sea Island by fishermen, who used to attach bait to the tail of a kite and web and then wait to catch a fish.

Today, kite flying is more than just a passing fancy or means of catching dinner. Many have made their careers out of constructing and flying kites.

Making a kite is not difficult. Gather the necessary supplies and let's construct a kite, using these simple instructions.

1. Canned spray glues work great for patching homemade kites. Always carry a can with you in the field for quick fix ups.

2. Don't let your imagination limit you. Experiment with various shapes and sizes and be sure to decorate your kite with colorful markers or ribbons.

3. Hold your kite up by the string when finished to make sure that it's balanced. If not balanced properly, adding another sheet of paper often helps.

4. Substitute the paper used in this kite with tarp material, for an even stronger, higher flying kite.


Thin garden twine
Tape or glue
1 sheet strong paper (40inX40in) or fabric
2 strong, straight wooden sticks or dowels (35inX40in)

1. Make a cross using the two sticks, with the shorter stick placed horizontally across the larger stick.

2. Tie two sticks together with string, placing a dab of glue against the wood. Allow to dry.

3. Cut a small notch at the ends of both sticks. Make it deep enough for your flying string to fit into.

4. Cut a long enough piece of string to stretch the entire length of the kite frame. Beginning at the top of your kite, go from stick end to stick end, connecting the kite frame. (If done properly, string will form a diamond shape.) The string frame should be tight, but it should not bend or warp the sticks. When finished, loop the extra string around the top stick and knot.

5. Lay your material or paper flat and place the frame face down on top of it. Cut around the frame, leaving about 2 inches for a margin. Fold these edges over the string frame and tape or glue, so that the material is tight.

6. Make a loop at the top of your kite that measures about one inch. Make another at the bottom.

7. Cut a piece of string and tie one end to the loop at the top of your kite and the other to the loop at the bottom. Your kite string will attach to this string. It is called the kite's "bridle."

8. Make a tail for your kite by tying a small ribbon to the bottom of your kite frame.

9. Decorate

10. Have fun!