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Getting a job with a major league sports team, whether in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB or other professional organizations, is difficult. Baseball teams, however, have 81 games in their home stadiums and need to hire workers regularly. Therefore, Major League Baseball (MLB) provides an opportunity for employment that may be easier than the other sports.

The easiest way to get involved is through food service. If one wants to sell beer or other types of food at a game, the team will be looking to hire you. The food service usually pays it beer sellers via commission. Many beer sellers claim to have a great job. They get to watch the last innings of the ball games because legally they are not allowed to sell beer during the minutes before the eventual drive home. Sales can be large especially with the affluent people who attend the sport games and do not mind buying overpriced alcohol.

The other food service people do sell during the last moments of sporting events, but still get plenty of opportunity to see their favorite teams play. The teams usually need people to sell popcorn hot-dogs, cotton candy, cokes, and assorted souvenirs.

The next way to get involved is through being an usher. The Houston Astros call this position a customer representative. These people are in demand and have an interesting job. Some ushers collect tickets, while others help guide people through out the huge buildings. Other ushers help take people to their seats. This job ranges from location to location but usually allows the worker to catch many minutes of the action that he is working for.

Most sport teams are now hiring commercial break entertainment for the fans. They need people to act goofy, stand in the middle of rows of seats and have little games like basketball hoops on their backs or cones on their heads. These jobs require going to different sections and entertaining. The job is not that difficult and involves plenty of interaction with the fans.

With a finance or accounting degree one might be able to get a job on the business side of the organization. Beware that these jobs are sought after and usually involve lower beginning salaries than comparable jobs in other industries.

There are many jobs available with sport teams. They may not be that exciting, but they allow one to enjoy the team and get paid for it.