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A wall-switched ceiling fixture is just a light you have hanging from your ceiling. You switch this light on, on a wall. To fix it, you need to find out what is wrong. If it is the socket, you can replace it. For more complicated electrical problems, call an electrician. Here is how you can test the socket problem and fix it.
Before you do anything make absolutely sure you do not just have a burned out bulb. This would be a lot of repair work to go through for a bulb. Once you have ruled that out, move on.
To begin, make sure your turn power off to the fixture before beginning your repairs. Then, you can get started. Remove the globe and bulb from the fixture. Then, grab a screwdriver and unhook-hook the fixture.
Behind the fixture you should be able to see the socket and wiring. You will likely need someone to hold the fixture, while you work on the wires and socket. To test the socket, you will need a continuity tester. Clip the
tester to the socket's hot lead or brass terminal screw. Then touch the probe to the tab in the socket base. If the tester does not light up, try the neutral lead or silver screw. Again touch the probe to the socket. If the tester does not light up again, you need to replace the socket. If the socket lights up one time and not the other, call an electrician.
To replace the socket, unscrew the socket from its base. Then, remove all wires attached to it. Buy another socket, and install it. You will need to replace the neutral circuit wires to the neutral lead or silver screw terminal. And connect the hot circuit wires to the hot or black screw. Then, reassemble the fixture and restore power.