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sexy Leo woman.
WrThey go into the jungle,
strongestle the alligator to the ground to
protect and defend their family and friends.
Drape it across the front of their car
Bring it home to feed themselves, and perhaps you.

How do you capture the lioness' attention?

If you have spotted a Leo who has captured your attention, I'd like to share some advice on how to capture a Leo's lion heart.

It's really a simple dance step.
Giving what you would like to receive in return.

Dance step one:
Take a moment and think, what are Leo's areas of expertise?
Are they into computers? Are they blessed with a fine head of hair, bright eyes, a dramatic presence, tall, big, strong? Have mechanical ability? Able to manage finances?

You want to ask Leo's advice. Why? Being needed is important to building your foundation of friendship.

Step two:
Can you bake? Can you go to the store and buy something that looks homemade? After your new Leo friend comes over and straightens out your hard drive, present Leo with a plate of homemade oatmeal raisin cookies or something with her name on it. Or a big hug with an enthusiastic, "I do appreciate everything you've done to help me tonight."

Step three:
Applause! Applause! Yes, Leos need to be applauded.
When I couldn't open the jar of tomato sauce, I knew dinner was doomed. Leos are very strong and can open the jar, with a grunt of course. My response, "Oh it's so good to have a strong Leo around the house." Then I squeeze Leo's biceps; "I really appreciate you opening the jar" and then I smile, "You saved dinner… it will be ready in 20 minutes. Would you care to join me?

Needed . . . Appreciated . . . Applauded
Whenever you see a Leo, try out this dance step and watch Leo flash those big cat eyes and smiles at you.