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Touch typing is an art which can allow you to type as fast as you can think or talk. Once your fingers learn their place on their keyboard and your brain relays what each finger can accomplish, you will be speeding across the keyboard faster than anyone you know. The most important thing with touch typing is that the stimulation is all tactile and not visual.

Put your fingers onto the keyboard: your right index finger on J, and your left index finger on F, right middle finger on K, left middle finger on D, right ring finger on L, left ring finger on S, right pinky on the colon, left pinky on A, and both thumbs on the space bar. Now while looking at your fingers type the alphabet a few times and all of the numbers. Once you get the hang of it move onto the next step.

Take an old shoebox and cut one of the long flaps on either side, then flip it up. Place the shoebox over your keyboard with the flap facing towards you. Do not allow yourself to see your fingers by strategically placing the box. If the box does not fit your keyboard, lay a towel over your hands. Now go into a chat-room, or write an e-mail, or even do some work, using the keyboard.

For the first few days typing will be a hit and miss kind of game. You will not know where the keys are and will have to fuss around, make sure that your hands always stay in the prescribed place. Continue to use this box until your typing is at least at 90 words a minute. Even people with long nails can type fast: you will quickly adapt, however- the typing will be quite loud.

After you feel that you can take off the box or towel, make sure never to look at your fingers, even if you lose your place on the keyboard, feel your way around and try typing to figure out where you are. Don’t think about what letter you are pressing, just think about the word you wish to type. It’s like you don’t think about breathing or blinking or else your rhythm gets all screwed up. Make sure to type things which require the use of numbers and punctuation. Good luck!