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Knives can be very expensive. You certainly do not want to go out and buy a new set each time a handle breaks. This article will teach you how to re-glue the handle, so it is as good as new. First, remember you are working with a knife. You might want to wear gloves or be extra careful. You do not want to get cut, while repairing the knife.

1. Take glue off
First, take the handle and scrape any old glue out of the inside of the handle. You can use an awl or screwdriver for the work. Make sure you have it clean, so the knife will glide back inside easily.
2. Glue handle
Then, take a hot-glue gun, or whatever glue you want to use, and fill the handle 2/3 full. Make sure you use a glue that will hold metal, holt melt or epoxy work the best. Super glue will hold metal, but it will work too fast, to use in this repair.
3. Push knife back in
Next, take the blade of the knife and push the end back in the handle. Make sure it is firm against the heel, so that the butt of the blade touches the top of the handle.
4. Wipe off glue
Now, you need to remove any glue that emerged from the handle when you pushed the knife inside. Clean it with a rag or cloth, and make sure none remains on the knife.
5. Tape knife
Finally, take a piece of masking tape and place it around the handle and butt of the knife. You want it to be tight enough to hold the knife in place for the glue to dry. Leave the tape on for about 24 hours, to let the glue dry.
6. Remove tape
Then, remove the tape, and you have a brand new working knife. While the glue is dry, so you can use it. You might want to wait another day or so, before putting it in the dishwasher for cleaning. The heat may loosen the
adhesive. But, overall, it's ready for use.