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A jump ring is a type of link on a bracelet or necklace. The jewelry links together with what are called jump rings. Jump rings differ from other rings in that they look like one solid ring. However, if you look closely, there is a tiny opening in each one. This is how each link became attached to the next, making a bracelet or necklace. These links can be tricky to repair because they are so small and delicate. Here is how to repair them, without damaging your jewelry.

1. Select pliers
First you need to make sure you use pliers that will not damage the ring. It's best to use chain-nose pliers or parallel snipe-nose pliers. Whichever you have, or select is fine. Just make sure they have smooth jaws. Anything with curves will bend the jump ring. You will need two sets. One to grip each end of the jump ring.

2. Open ring
Then, all you have to do is take the pliers and grip the ring. Take one set and hold the jump ring, just before the opening. Then, take the other set and hold the opposite side of the opening. Gently twist the ends in the opposite direction until they open.

3. Make repairs
Now it is time to make any repairs needed. Whether you need to make a bracelet smaller, and completely remove that ring. Or, make a necklace larger, and put an extra ring in. This is the time to do what needs to be done to the piece of jewelry.

4. Close ring
Once that is done, you need to restore the piece of jewelry to normal. Do this by closing the jump ring. Take one set of pliers and grip the ring close to the opening. Take other other set and grip the other side. Then, move the pliers, so the rings are back in the position they were before. It is likely you will still have a small gap. To correct this, take one set of pliers and hold the jump ring in place. Then with the other set, squeeze the jump ring together, so the gap closes. If you are worried about it opening, you can seal the ring with a small amount of glue.