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If you were going to open a jewelry store, the list of needed tools and equipment would be very long and very expensive. But, for a home shop, some of the equipment is unnecessary. You would have so many tools, you would have to add a new room to your home to house them. So, here is a list of tools necessary for home repairs. Some might be optional to you, depending on what type of jewelry you need to repair. Start with a collection, and you can always add to it.
a.. Ring clamp - a ring clamp holds a ring in place. You will definitely need this if you are doing any repairs on a ring. Rings are so small, they really cannot be held by hand to work on them.
b.. Files - files are essential for forming small work. these are the tools small enough to do the work your hands cannot. However, files come in round, square, three-square, entering, knife, half-round, crossing and barrette shapes. While they are a great investment for a jeweler, a home repair person would be overwhelmed with so many. Files come in numbers, #0 to #4. You should be able to do most work with #2 and #4 in the flat, half-round and barrette shapes.
c.. Hammers - might sound funny, but jewelers do need hammers. A riveting hammer and ball-peen hammer should do. A riveting hammer is a delicately balanced hammer, with one flat side. A ball-peen hammer is a fine, little hammer. Both are used to mold and pound out metal.
d.. Pliers - like files, there are several pliers that professional jewelers should have. But, for a home repair person, a few should do. One that is a must is called the half-round pliers. They can manipulate rings very easily without marring the surfaces of the shank. The snipe-nose pliers can handle small operations. These small pliers can open jump rings, or links. Flat-nose pliers are great for general work, like holding pieces of jewelry. They also can be used as a small vise. These are probably the most necessary, but other pliers include the ring-shaping, bow, end-cutting and side-cutting pliers.
e.. Tweezers - tweezers are a very important item to have. They are an all around tool used for picking up and handling almost anything.
f.. Buff cloths - these cloths are available in muslin and cotton flannel, and are used for polishing jewelry.
There are many other tools you can purchase, but this should be plenty to keep your jewelry well maintained.