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Want to land your dream job? Then there are many things you need to know about landing a job, such as the process of successful interview, when to avoid being interview and most important which dates and time to accept an interview. The best phone call you will ever receive when looking for an employment is the one that invites you for a meeting. Be careful not to let the interviewer manipulate dates and times--most interviewers do not allow the applicant to choose the time for the meeting, most want to set the meeting based on their schedule--but applicants have as much right to choose the time and date for the interview, based on the dates and time that he/she can fit into his/her schedule.

Studying Before the interview:

Before you walk into an interview, do your homework. The most important step you can take to make a good impression is to research the company and to be knowledgeable about the company. Know about the organization's products and services that they offer. Do research on the position that you are seeking, so you can know what the job involves and the skills that is needed to do the job.

Making good impression:

Arrive early for your interview. Dress appropriately, offer a firm handshake, maintain a good eye contact with the interviewer, lack of eye contact means that you have less confidence in yourself and you do not feel comfortable with the interviewer. Always think about the question and take your time to answer it, if you answer quickly, it may means that you answered without thinking first. Listening to the interviewing without interruption must be avoided at a job interview.

When to avoid interview:

Most people assume it is best to go to a job interview on a Monday, since it is the first day of the week, but that is a myth, Monday is, by far, the worst day for an interview. It's irrational, illogical and most interviewers will never admit it, but your chances of getting the job shrink when you interview late on Monday afternoon.

Late afternoons is also the worst time for an interview, most interviewer said that applicant's who are not hired for a job are the applicants that are interview on the afternoon.

Do not be the first person to be interviewed for a job. The first person interview gets the job only about 17% percent of the time and the last person interview for a job is hired about 55% of the time:

Best time for interview:

Most important factors of an interview, is when to accept the offer. If you are given days and times that the company is doing interviewed between these days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Your first choice should be Thursday, because is almost the last day of the week and you are more likely to get hired, always choose the 11 am-2pm interview, rather the 10am or 4pm.

The second choice is Tuesday, choose the same hours as above. Interviewers tend to be more stable on that day, since they are on the second day of the week.

Your third choice is Wednesday, if Thursday and Tuesday are not available, again choose between the hours of 11am- 2pm.

Your last choice is Monday or Friday. If these are the only dates are available are only Monday or Friday, then try to accept the interview at 11am over the 4pm on Monday or Friday. Your chance of being hired on any of these days shrinks. But if you are desperate then go for it.