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A doorknob is essential on nearly all doors, so someone can easily open and close the door. Whether you want a lock on the doorknob or not, installing the doorknob is the same. Follow these steps, and you will have a doorknob installed within a couple hours.
a.. Select knob - The first thing you must do is select a doorknob. Cylindrical locks come in all different styles and colors. Just select something that suits your decor.
a.. Mark hole - You will want to mark the area you where you want the doorknob. Obviously most people put them at waist height, so they are easy to open. With a template and awl, mark the area you want the doorknob.
a.. Bore hole - Take a hole saw, and cut out the hole. Be careful as you are sawing, not to splinter the wood.
a.. Insert latch - On the edge of the door, position the latch plate. Once you have it in place, chisel an area out of the wood to insert the latch. Then, screw the latch plate securely to the edge of the door.
a.. Attach knob - Take the doorknob and place it through the hole, align it in place, and screw it in. Then, take the opposite side, and attach the other doorknob to it. When in place, screw in the other doorknob as well.
a.. Mark recess - This is the area along the wall, where the lock will catch the wall, and hold. Even if you do not have a lock, this is necessary to hold the door in place. Mark the area, make sure it is directly across from the doorknob. Then chisel a half inch deep area for the plate.
a.. Install plate - Install the plate by screwing it to the wall.

Once this is done, test out your new doorknob. The door should open and close smoothly, latching against the plate as it closes. If you chose a lock style, test the locks.