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Most fountain pen ink is washable, and before using or buying a certain brand it is worth contacting the manufacturer to check that it is- otherwise you may be in for an expensive cleaning bill.

Stains on carpets
First dilute the stain by sponging well with clean cold water, or squirting with a spay gun some soda syphon (readily available from hardware stores). Blot the area with clean paper towels.

Make a hot thick solution of soapflakes, and apply liberally on a white fabric pad. Leave for approximately 15 minutes, but do keep checking the stain.

Wipe off the solution, if the mark persists repeat step 2 until it disappears.

On skin
If soap and water doen't shift the stain scrub the area with a nail-brush dipped in vinegar and salt. Or try rubbing the marks with the inside of a fresh banana skin.

Deep dried in stains on fabrics and clothes
If a fountain pen ink stain remains after a few washes, rub the mark with half a lemon, or squeeze lemon juice onto it.

Press the stained area between two pieces of white cotton cloth. Repeat as necessry, then rinse. Launder according to the fabric.

Try a natural method
Traditional wisom claims that treating ink stains with milk or tomato can get rid of the most stubbon of marks. Cover the stain with a little milk, or rub with the cut side of half a tomato. Rinse both treatments out well and then wash as normal.

Ball-point pen marks
These are particularly difficult stains to shift. It might be worth contacting the manufacturre as most companies sell a solvent for mishaps. Dried stains are especially difficult to get out so a god idea is to keep a good stock of the solvent incase of any accidents.

On Fabric
Press paper towels against the stain to absorb the excess then apply methylated spirits using a cotton bud.

On wall coverings
Scrub the vinyl covering immediately with soap and a little water. Ordinary wall coverings may need patching.

On other surfaces
Suede- Rub the stain with a fine emery cloth.
Vinyl-Treat the marks immediately by rubbing with a nail-brush with soap and water. If the ink is allowed to stay on the surface it will merge into the plasticiser and leave a permenent mark.