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Having a hole in your inflatable boat can be a nightmare. But if you know how to properly fix it, you turn a disaster into a small problem. When you’re going on a rafting or boating trip, you may want to take along the needed supplies, just in case something bad happens.

• You know you have some sort of air problem with your boat when it appears to be low on air pressure. The first thing you should do is to get some soap and water and brush it carefully on all the seams and vales of the problem area in order to figure out where the problem exactly lies. The hole will start to bubble up with soap when air pushes out. Get a wax pencil and mark the spots that need to be patched.
• When you’re patching your boat, you need to completely deflate it and get to a smooth, flat location to repair it. Clean the area around the hole with either methyl ethyl ketone or acetone.
• Find a fabric that will work with your particular boat’s fabric and cut a three-inch square of material. Cut off the corners of the patch.
• Put generous layers of glue on both the patch and the boat. Let the glue dry and put the patch on the hole when the glue is just a bit sticky. Use a roller or a rolling pin to push the patch onto the boat.
• Put something heavy on the patched area to keep it still and in spot while it firms its location.
• Get a rubber gum eraser to clean off any excess glue that may have accumulated around the sides of the patch. If you leave the leftover glue there, it won’t cause any problems with the patch, but if it’s left in the sun, it will change into funky colors.
• Put something heavy back on the patched area until it’s completely in place.