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Contrary to popular belief, brain power does not decrease with age. Your brain is a muscle just like your biceps or thighs. But in order to keep your brain in good shape you must provide it with the proper training regiment. Here are a few things to focus on to increase your brain power.

Exercise your senses: By doing some very simple sensory exercises you can make your brain more effective in processing information from sound, light, and smell.
· Spend some time trying to focus on objects in your peripheral vision.
· Simply turn down the radio in you car each day, and concentrate on trying to hear it at a very low level.
· Finally, the cells in your brain that process smell also process information of sex, hunger and thirst. To keep this area fit, go through your kitchen cabinets and try and guess the contents of different spice containers or cooking ingredients.

Don’t be so “left brained”: The right hemisphere of your brain controls creative output. By doing creative exercises you can help stimulate this area of your brain and help the two sides communicate better.
· In five minutes, write down as many street names that you can think of.
· Work on crossword puzzles.
· Lay back and stare at the clouds to imagine what the shapes remind you of.

You are what you eat: Feed your brain what it needs by making sure to include certain nutrients in your diet.
· B vitamins such as thiamine, niacin and B-12 are important to your brain. These can usually be found in meat and dairy products.
· The amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan can be found in milk and turkey.
· The herbal supplement ginkgo has been proven to increase blood flow in the brain and help strengthen memory processes.
· Finally, avoid toxins like tobacco and alcohol. Both inhibit oxygen flow to the brain, and alcohol actually destroys brain cells as well.