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All hunters have probably used a hunting blind before. It is a valuable item that helps give hunters an edge on their game. A blind is simple to build. It can be as luxurious as you would like or just good enough to get the job done. Here are a few ideas for you to use when you are building a blind.

This is one of my favorite blinds, and it is simple to construct. I take three sheets of regular plywood and cut one in half. Use the half sheets for the ends and the two full pieces for the front and back. Just bolt these together and you have a four sided box to hide behind. I always either paint these or cover them with twigs and branches. This blind gives you plenty of room to stretch and you can shoot in all four directions. This blind works for almost any type of hunting. This blind should be placed in your hunting area at least six weeks before you plan to hunt. This gives the wildlife time to adjust to it.

Another simple and inexpensive blind that can be used is this: Take a camoflauge tarp and find four trees. Wrap it around them like you are making a square. This gives you a good blind that you can move from place to place. It is the easiest method for you to use.

This type of blind is for hunting in fields: Build a three sided wood structure at least four feet high. I then cover the wood with hay. I cover the entire blind. If hunting a hay field this makes the deer think this is just another hay bale. It gives you an excellent chance to bag a trophy whitetail or whatever game you are hunting.

The last type of blind is a very simple one. It requires a little work on your part, though. Find the spot you wish to hunt and dig a hole in the ground. Make the hole large enough so that you can fit your entire body in it. This gives you excellent cover from the game you are hunting.

Whether you decide to uses one of these types of blinds or an elaborate design of your own, you won't be disappointed with the results a blind can give you. It gives you an edge over the game you hunt. Most blinds are relatively inexpensive for you to build. If you don't want to build one yourself, you can purchase a prefabricated one, but they are quite expensive.