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In this age of advanced technology, e-mail and voice mail, letter writing seems to be a lost art. But, nothing can ever take the place of a hand written letter.

Writing a good letter requires following a few simple rules. I will explain how to wright an interesting, meaningful letter that anyone would be happy to receive.

It's actually very easy to write a good letter. Most importantly, it should come from the heart. Whether it is to a friend, family member or sweetheart, the words should truly reflect your feelings.

Don't get caught up in worrying about how it sounds. If you say what you are feeling or thinking, you will probably be choosing the right words.

Be clear in your thoughts. The person at the receiving end of the letter can't see your expression the way they would if you were speaking in person. Therefore, your words need to accurately respresent what you are trying to say.

Don't ever say anything that you might regret later. Once something is in writing, it is there forever. When you are angry or upset is not always the best time to write a letter. If you are upset and want to express yourself, you should write a letter but don't send it. Then, in a day, or a week, or whenever you have calmed down, re-read your letter. If you still agree with everything you said and don't mind it being in writing, go ahead and send it.

It's best not to type letters or do them on the computer. It is easier to do it this way, but not as personal. Seeing a dear friend or loved one's handwriting on that envelope in your mailbox gives you a special feeling.

In your letter, make sure you ask how the other person is going. Be sure to make references to their life so they don't feel like you wrote a letter just to talk about yourself.

The main thing when it comes to letters is that they take time. It takes time to think of what you want to say and to devote the time to write it. Knowing this automatically makes the person who receives your letter know that they are important to you. And that, is the best reason to write any letter!