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You should wax your skis every time you go skiing. Even with the "waxless" skis, your skiing experience will be better if you use wax. Wax is needed in order to protect your skis from damaging chemicals in snow and the sun’s rays. There are special ski waxes you should look seriously at getting in order to do this. Further, the newer your skis are, the more frequently you should wax them. News skis have bases that are incredibly porous and absorb the wax at a much higher rate.

· Clean your skis. Before you begin the waxing process, you should thoroughly cleanse your skis with a ski cleaner and wax remover. Dry your skis with a clean towel.
· Use a waxing iron to melt wax over your ski base. Remember, your goal is to melt the wax, not burn it. If it begins to smoke, turn down the temperature a bit. Let the melted wax drip onto your skis.
· Use an iron to force the liquid wax to spread evenly over your ski. You want to use plenty of wax in order to provide a nice thick coat on your skis. Let the wax cool for about 10 hours before moving them.
· Remove excess wax. Use a plastic scraper to push the extra wax off your skis. Hold the scraper at a slight angle and pull in long even strokes all the way through the length of your skis. If you can scrape your skis in one fluid stroke, you’ll get a long steady and smooth wax job that will reap you benefits on the slopes.
· Polish your wax. Use a gentle scrubbing pad to rub your wax all the way down your skis. Then use a piece of cork to finish the polishing job and secure the wax.
· Use a nylon brush to finalize your wax job. Run it steadily from tip to tail of your ski.