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This might well be the worst job in the house, but someone has to do it. Fixing the toilet is not very difficult, just a little messy. But, if you have the proper tools, it will make the work easy and safe. All you need is a plunger, some gloves or a garbage bag, and maybe a hanger or closet auger. Before we get to using these, there are a couple of common mistakes.

First, do not flush the toilet! If you flush the toilet and there is a clog, it will flood your bathroom. Not only will it be a mess, but it will be unhealthy as well. Also, do not use chemical cleaners. They are harmful to your pipes, and hazardous to your health. Also, they are not very effective on this type of clog. So what can you do? Well, follow these easy steps, and you'll have a clear drain again.

1. Try the plunger.

The plunger should really be your first attempt. Place the plunger over the trap. Make sure it is securely covering the trap for it to work. There should be water covering the rim of the plunger. If not, release the stopper ball underneath the tank cover. This will release a little water. Release enough to cover the plunger; then replace the stopper.

Once the plunger is in place and has water over it, pump the handle up and down about 10 times. Release the plunger, and the blockage should release. If you do not see a change in water level or see the blockage itself, you need to proceed to step two.

2. Try a wire hanger.

This next step means the blockage is further down. You can use your hands, making sure you have gloves or a garbage bag over them, if you like. But most people prefer to try a coat hanger. Just cut the hanger near the hook, and lengthen it to a straight line. Keep the hook at the top; you will use it to break the blockage. With your gloves on, place the hanger down the toilet trap. Try to maneuver it toward the blockage. This should break the blockage. If not, go to step three.

3. Try a closet auger.

A closet auger is your last line of defense. It is made to bend at the curves of your toilet to release blockage. With gloves on, place the closet auger in the trap of the toilet, and begin turning the crank. This should break any blockage. When it does, remove the auger, flush the toilet, and you are back to having an unclogged toilet.