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Speed reading is an art form: it does not necessitate skipping vital words, yet simply knowing what is important in a quick glance. Instead of spending weeks on an interesting action novel, you will finish it in a day or too. Speed reading also makes most books more enjoyable, you can pick the parts you concentrate in. Speed reading does not typically work very well in books that you must study, such as your biology or chemistry book.

So here we go. Pick a book, now take your finger and place it at the top of the first page, slowly move the finger down covering up the lines. Make sure you stay below your finger with your reading pace. Now as you go from page to page speed up the pace with which you move your finger. The most important things to read are short dialogues between characters. If someone is engaged in a monologue simply note the content of it and pass through. Long descriptions are often extraneous as well.

Make sure that you understand what you are reading, don’t simply attempt to turn the pages. I don’t suggest learning how to speed read on a book that you want to enjoy or have been looking forward to reading. Instead, take a child’s book, or something of that nature and repetitively attempt to speed read it.

Figure out what parts of the book you must read to understand and like the book and what parts you don’t need to read. Use the finger method to speed up your reading, keep pushing your finger down the page as you progress and keep making your finger move faster.

The ideal reading speed is two pages per minute on soft cover and one and a half per minute on hard cover. At this pace the average person can read a novel in their spare time in a few days, and thoroughly enjoy it. You don’t need to use the finger method for long, simply a couple of weeks, after that time you should be able to speed read simply by looking at the page. If a part of the book bores you, skip it. Remember reading is supposed to be fun, not tiresome and tedious.

I hope that these tips will allow you to cover more books in a shorter amount of time. Make sure to check out the local library and book-stores. Pick a favorite author and stick with his or her books, this allows you to know their style of writing and will let you read even faster. Some authors even use the same characters consistently, this way you don’t have to wade through the introduction every single time.