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There are many recipes for smoking salmon. I’ve commercial fished for salmon and lived in Alaska for over fifteen years. This is my favorite.

First, clean and fillet your salmon.

Combine two cups of salt, one cup of brown sugar, three and 1/2 cups of soy sauce- I prefer Yoshida’s Gourmet sauce- one tablespoon of cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg.

Place salmon in mixture, let soak overnight in your refrigerator, if possible.

Remove from mixture and rinse thoroughly. Let salmon soak in clean water for an hour. Rinse under running water. Remove any salt particles that are stuck to the fish.

Allow salmon to air-dry for six to ten hours. Salmon should feel tacky or sticky to the touch. I use the racks from my Little Chief smoker to lay out my salmon. This allows the salmon to air dry on both sides.

Place salmon in preheated smoker. Be certain your wood chips are smoking. Allow salmon to smoke for at least eight hours.
Replace your wood chips. I prefer to use alder chips. Smoke for at least another eight hours. Check salmon to see if it is the consistency that you prefer. Allow salmon to continue to smoke, until it meets your taste.

Vacuum pack your salmon. Enjoy!