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It’s important that you keep the chain on your chainsaw sharp. This enables you to make proper cuts that are smooth, straight and even. The telltale signs that it’s time for you to sharpen your saw is when it stops creating wood chips when it cuts and starts creating dust.
There are different tools you should use to sharpen a saw. You need to check to see what your particular model requires you to use in order to sharpen yours. When you file the cutters on your chainsaw, you need to file lightly. Don’t use much force. You don’t want to file them any more than you have to. After just a few filings, you generally have filed your saw too low and will find yourself replacing all the cutters. You should file each cutter on one side first and then the other in order to ensure you’re filing them evenly.

• Before you sharpen your chainsaw’s chain, you need to first release the tension screw on the saw. You want it to be relaxed when you move the chain. When you’re sharpening the chain, however, you want to have it tighter than normal.
• You need to use a precise measuring instrument to measure the top of each plate. When you find the shortest plate, move that cutter to the top of the bar.
• File all the cutters to this length. Use the degree marker on the file holder to get each cutter to the exact same angle and length.
• After filing and sharpening each cutter, use a flat file to round off all the corners to keep the cutters from creating unwanted friction when dragging them.
• Release the tension screw on the chainsaw to their starting position, so you can use them at the proper tension levels again.