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Before you go to the trouble of re-wiring your lamp, make sure there are no other problems. Double check the bulb and outlet. Sometimes bulbs break, and get stuck in the socket. If so, disconnect the lamp, and use small-nose pliers to turn the base of the bulb. Once you get it loose, it should come out easily. If not, you need to replace the socket. (See number 2.) Also check to make sure none of the joints loose. The problem could be a loose connection. If these things are ruled out, you will need to replace the cord or the socket. Here are directions on replacing both. Of course, make sure the lamp is unplugged before doing either.

1. Replacing cord
a. Straight Stem
To replace the cord, unscrew the socket from the stem. Pull it apart by loosening the screws that hold the wires in place. Then, pull the cord through the bottom. Buy a new cord, and run it through the base and stem, and re-attach it to the socket.
b. Arm Stem
If the socket is mounted on an arm stem, unscrew the wires from the socket. Then unscrew the base of the lamp and pull out the cord. This will make it possible to thread a new cord into the arm. After the cord is in, reassemble the pieces, by tightening the screws.

2. Socket
Before you replace the socket, you should make sure the socket is tight. If the socket is loose, you might have a bad connection. Otherwise, the socket is broken. All you have to do is unscrew it, and replace it with a new one.