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A working mother's morning can be a three ring circus without a little planning and organizing. She's usually running around in the morning anxiously trying to memorize a speech and the grocery list simultaneouly, while shoveling oatmeal into bowls like in a mess hall line. Then she scrambles around searching for misplaced keys, the matching sock and last night's homework assignment.

She can help her morning go smoothly by organizing and preparing the night before. With these helpful tips, every morning will be a great morning!

- she can choose clothes for her and the kids the night before and set them out. (including underwear, socks, shoes, and hair accessories)

-she can make sure homework assignments are completed, signed papers are signed, get needed supplies such as more glue or more pencils, look for notes, such as book orders or plans for field trips, in bookbags the night before, then take all of this and lunch money and put in bookbag night before, and have the children put their bookbags by the front door.

-she can bathe and wash hair night before. (her and the kids)

-she can prepare lunches and store in the fridge, unless it is sandwiches, which can get soggy.(have tomatoes or pickles sliced and ready)

-a coffee pot with a timer on it is helpful and can be preset to have coffee made by the time she gets up.

-she can set the alarm 30 minutes earlier to have quiet time for herself. (cup of coffee and the paper, prayer time, time to gather thoughts, stretch time or hubby time!) never hit the snooze. the old saying, if you snooze, you lose, is correct!

-she can have quick breakfast options, such as poptarts, fruit, breakfast bars and cereal. save the bacon, eggs grits, french toast, and pancakes for the weekends.

-she can get herself and the children to bed early for a good night's sleep. the later they stay up, the harder it will be to get in the morning.

-she can wash the dishes, and have the garbage taken out the night before. no time for chores in the morning, except maybe making the bed.

-she can prepare bills or mail to go out the night before. have it stamped and ready to drop in the mailbox.

-she can make sure that laundry chores are done, so that there are always plenty of clean towels for washing sleepy faces, and plenty of underwear and socks in the drawers.

-she can always put the keys in the SAME place, perhaps on a key hook, so no searching for keys in the morning.

-NO TV! she'll really save time here, because once they start to watch the tube, they become zombies and there is no moving them.

-she and her family can create and keep a morning routine. following a predictable routine keeps things going smoothly.