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Can't find your car keys? Do you often decide on what outfit to wear to work by the two matching shoes you can find at the same time? Is your workspace a pile of important papers intermingled with unanswered correspondence and assorted clutter?

Then you need to add some much-needed organization to your life.

Here are 5 simple tips you can apply to your life today and start your way to organization:

Simple Tip #1- "A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place"

Designate a convenient location where you can put your keys, for example. A key holder mounted on the wall beside the door is a good choice. Or, if you choose, you can place them in your purse or bag. Wherever you decide to put them, the key is to always put them in the same place every time after you use them. That way, they will always be there when you need them. Do this simple task with everything in your life and you will relieve yourself of undue stress. You will also save the time you previously wasted looking for the misplaced item.

Your home is your haven, your castle, your shelter from the storm. But is it also your cluttered mess? This simple tip applies to every area-yes, every area of your life. Your desk, your home, your car, etc.

Simple Tip #2- "Prioritize Your Daily Tasks"
Have several things to do today? We all do. Thinking of all the tasks we have to perform might seem overwhelming, to say the least. With all of these thoughts running around in our minds, we can only throw up our hands and ask, "Where do we begin?" That's a great question you need to answer with yet another question, "What is the most important task I have to accomplish today?" Decide which task takes priority over the rest, then simply do that job first. Then, decide on the second most important task and do that next, and so on. If you have a long list of duties to accomplish, it would be helpful to sit down and list your tasks. Then, simply prioritize your list and carry it out. That way, you will know in your mind as well as on paper what task you must do and in what order your tasks should be done. When you reach the end of your mental or paper list, then you can take pride in knowing that you accomplished everything you needed to do today!

Simple Tip #3- Solve Problems Right Away"
Got a problem? We all face these every day of our lives. They are a fact of life. They also help us to grow and mature and become better human beings. Do you solve your problems as soon as you can? Or do you let it weigh on your mind day after day? A problem that is left unsolved for too long seems to be more impossible to solve the longer we let it weigh on our minds.

But there is a simple solution, and that is the message of this tip. As soon as you have a problem to solve, make a decision on how to clear it up right away if you have all of the necessary information you need to make an intelligent, well-informed decision. That way, you can solve the problem, resolve it, then clear your mind of it. Don't let yourself dwell on a past problem, either. You need to focus your mind on the present.

Simple Tip #4- This tip pertains to your workspace or desk: you need to clear off everything except the materials you need to accomplish the task at hand. That means filing and organizing your paperwork and throwing away any useless papers, trash, etc. This will enable you to focus on your work and not waste precious time digging through stacks of stuff in order to find what you need.

If your workspace is your kitchen table or your work bench, for example, this tip still applies. Put away any tools, materials, supplies, etc. that you do not need to complete the project you are currently working on. Try to throw away trash immediately; only handle it once.

Simple Tip #5- "Learn to Just Say No"
While it feels good on our conscience to lend a helping hand to others, sometimes we get more pleas for help than we have the time for! You certainly don't want to hurt other people's feelings, but, at the same time, you have to think about your own feelings, needs, and desires.

It will undoubtedly be difficult at first, but you must include the word "no" in your vocabulary whenever you need to. If time does not allow you to help a friend or family member organize a yard sale, operate a bake sale, or help chair a social committee, then you must politely say "no". If you have the extra time, as well as the extra energy, to spare, then you can assist someone who asks a favor. If you have more important things to do-see your daily list- then don't feel guilty. You don't need the guilt trip weighing on your mind. You need to maintain your focus. And don't think you have to make up silly excuses to explain why you cannot help someone else. Simply tell that person the truth. That way you won't have silly lies cluttering up your mind either. Your conscience will be free from guilt.

These tips will start you on your way to a more organized life. It will take some time to apply them, depending on how unorganized your life is at the present time. Just remember to put everything away after you done using it, make your daily prioritized list, solve problems promptly, clear your workspace of unnecessary clutter, and use the "no" word whenever you need to, and you will begin to tranform your life and relieve your mind of some stress. Who knows? Maybe with the extra time you save, you can host a party to celebrate your newfound freedom from the bondage of unorganization!